Gisela Payne, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist


Clinical Interests – Myofascial & neuromuscular techniques, visceral manipulation, women’s health, kinesio-taping, clinical pilates & exercise rehabilitation

Sporting interests – Triathlon, marathon and ultra running

Previously worked for – Ferrari Formula One, GB Women’s cycling, GB Triathlon (European & World Championships 2005 – 09), private practice in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire

Other Experience – London School of Sports Massage (senior tutor), Regent’s College, London & Southampton (teaching posture & remedial exercise and medical conditions)


"I am so delighted with the results from Gisela’s treatment. Having run for several years, I developed chronic back and hip pain, to the extent that I believed that my hip would need surgery. Through ‘intensive’ muscle and myofascial release, Gisela has been able to address the root of the problem restricting my movement. My flexibility and ability to exercise have improved dramatically, as a result of her intervention, which I am very grateful for" – Martin Cronin


"Both as a person and as a therapist, I have come to like and respect Gisela hugely. Her standards are very high, while at the same time adapting to the individual before her. Her approach is flexible, she is open minded and knowledgeable, and she is ready to refer patients to other disciplines where she recognises the need to. She combines her great professionalism with lovely warmth and humanity.

Both Pilates and maintenance massage therapy have become a way of life for me. I feel I have gained physical flexibility and poise, perhaps to a greater extent than ever before in life. The occasional ‘bad back’ is no longer debilitating because Gisela has made me aware of how to deal with it. Increasingly aware of the body-mind continuum, I realise that what on the surface appears to be a physical intervention feeds into my general sense of well-being and capacity on the mind level too.

 I have no hesitation at all in recommending Gisela’s services, whether in assisting recovery from a particular injury or in the maintenance of physical and wider health and well-being" – John Snowden